My First Book Published


OnĀ  March 1, 2013, my middle grade novel, “The Dragons of Graham,” was published by The Wives of Bath Press (

This is the story of Katie and her friends, who are starting the sixth grade at Graham Middle School. They discover that middle school was not quite what they expected…and by the way, the school is infested with dragons.

“Who knew dragons were so demanding? All the dragons at Graham want something. The band dragon is hoarding silver. The dragon in the girls’ locker room wants more water, and the library dragon wants his own library card. One even wants her sister, Rosie, as a snack. Blech!

Katie has to learn how to navigate the halls of her new middle school, deal with the populars, and try not to lose her best friend, Maia, all while figuring out how to satisfy the members of a mythical race she didn’t even know existed.”

“The Dragons of Graham” is available in print from and as an ebook for the Kindle and the Nook!